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Non-Trucking Liability Benefit ProgramPhysical Damage Benefit ProgramOccupational Accident Benefit Program

Non-Trucking Liability Benefit Program

This Benefit Program will provide liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party while truck or trailer is used for non-business non-commercial purposes.

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Physical Damage Benefit Program

This benefit will pay the most for a loss of a truck or trailer in any one occurrence its stated value in the Certificate or its actual cash value at the time of the loss (depreciation applies), or the cost of repairing or rebuilding it, whichever is less, minus your deductible and towing fee.

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Occupational Accident Benefit Program

This Benefit Program will protect drivers and their families from the medical costs of accidents, and it will protect companies by deterring Workers’ Compensation lawsuits by uncovered drivers. Important notice: This is not a coverage of Workers’ Compensation Insurance and does not relieve an employer of Workers’ Compensation coverage obligations.

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